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In the Museum of Natural History, located in Noris Hall in Nuremberg, you will find collections that have been assembled in the course of the past 200 years by members of the Natural History Society of Nuremberg. What began with a few bugs and plants today includes collections in the fields of geology, karst studies, speleology, prehistory, and archaeology, as well as ethnology.

You can see

  • the first specimens of dinosaurs found on the European mainland
  • the only exhibition in Western Europe on a Siberian population, the Nivchi
  • the biggest meteorite containing iron in Germany
  • the only skeleton of a newborn baby cave bear in southern Germany
  • the oldest sword found in the Nuremberg area
  • the only permanent European exhibition of Nabatean culture (from Petra, in what is today Jordan)
The museum of the second oldest natural history society displays the results of its research. Exhibitions show the main research project, Nuremberg und its surrounding area. The museum, run by society members on a voluntary basis, tells natural and cultural history by presenting not only impressive originals but also fascinating models and reconstructions. In addition, you will find Furthermore you will find special exhibitions on a great variety of topics.

The open-air aquarium and terrarium in Stein near Nuremberg is open to visitors every Saturday and Sunday from May to September. This facility is of especial interest for children because they can see regional fish and reptiles there that are not easy to see in nature and are rarely exhibited in zoos.

Museum of Natural
Marientorgraben 8
90402 Nürnberg
Tel.: 0911/22 79 70


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