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The extensive exhibition of ethnology is on the ground floor of the museum. The exhibitions from the fields of prehistory, archaeology, geology, karst and speleology are situated on the first floor. The departments of mycology, herbal studies, entomology and botany, with one or two display cases each, are also located on the first floor. Museumsplan

The ethnology hall illustrates the economies and ways of life of various regions around the globe, displaying items from the South Seas, Africa, Central America and Siberia. See the masks from the South Seas, a Berber tent from Morocco and in the Siberian Hall a coat made of carp leather by the Nivchi. The Costa Rica Hall, opened in 2008, shows items only rarely found in European museums.
Vorgeschichte The prehistory department offers you a survey of the history of the Nuremberg area from the Palaeolithic Age to the Iron Age with a number of specimens. Some of these items have been reconstructed to give you a more accurate impression of what they looked like in their time.

The department of international archaeological studies and excavations presents finds from the Near East, in particular from Nabatea, near Petra. You can walk into a biclinium, the reconstruction of a Nabatean dining hall.
Geologie The geology department shows minerals, petrifications and information about the Franconian escarpment area.

Delve deeply into the dark world of caves in the department of karst and speleology and be fascinated by the difference in size between a fully grown cave bear and the fragile remains of a newborn cub, a rarity.


Further information about the different departments under the relevant headings.

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