Naturhistorisches Museum Nürnberg


Discover the prehistory of the region around Nuremberg from the Stone Age to the beginning of the Christian era.

Paleolithic Age and Neolithic Age:

100,000 years of human history are reflected in the finds of the Nuremberg region. We reconstruct what life was like then by showing you small-scale models, originals and life-size figures, like this Neanderthal man.


Bronze Age:

Once the jewellery of this woman shone like gold! It was found at her burial site from about 1000 BC at Weissenbrunn. After her death she was buried in her rich apparel. Compare the originals with the replicas in the model.

Iron Age:

The completion of the department of the Iron Age (800 - 15 BC) concludes the updated arrangement of the permanent collection in the Natural History Museum. This exhibition shows Celtic culture and customs. The Celtic age is brought to life with a great number of objects and excellent models and reconstructions.
The highlight is an accurate reconstruction of the original Hallstatt wagon of Gaisheim (in the district of Amberg-Sulzbach). It is one of the most important archaeological finds in the collection, besides the little equestrian statue of Speikern (pictured) and the 'Schalenpferd' of Beckerslohe (i.e. a little clay horse with a dish on its back).

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