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Archeology of Jordan

In the permanent exhibition, the only one in Europe on Petra (Jordan), numerous large and small finds convey an impression of the life of the Nabateans in the centuries before and after the birth of Christ.

The modern installation of a series of pictures illustrates the city of Petra and its rugged rocky environment, wall charts and sampling boxes describe the trading goods that in combination with the mastery of the transport routes, including the Incense Road, secured the great wealth of the people of Petra.

The reproduction of a biclinium, or dining hall, can be entered and invites you to take a little break on the dining couches for two persons in a Nabatean atmosphere. Motifs and colors are based on the original.

Observe the waferthin tableware and the attention to detail on the figures from ancient Petra at the time of Christ’s birth.

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Archeology of Jordan

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