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New perspective in the Natural History Museum – A tour of the museum

An exhibition in an exhibition

Museo Mundial is a European project and ran at the same time in Portugal, in the Czech Republic and in Hungary. In Germany it was carried out jointly by the Natural History Society and by finep, the form for international development and planning. It was financially supported by the European Union and by Engagement Global/BMZ.

In the permanent exhibitions of the Natural History Museum you can now also inform yourself about current global questions. Ten installations focus on topics that affect consumers directly and which are associated directly or indirectly with today’s lifestyle.

Hence, for example, in the Pacific Department fishing methods in the South Seas are described and reasons examined for overfishing in this region. In the Africa Department the working conditions in today’s cotton industry are depicted – including tips for one’s own “consumption” of clothing.

Thus, an exhibition in an exhibition arose: the Museo Mundial. A flyer suggests a tour leading to the individual installations. Simply follow the numbers.

Have fun!

Using a tablet or a Smartphone you can receive more background information. Simply scan in the QR-Codes on the installations and more information will be displayed.

By the way:
We will also gladly offer you and your group a tour on the topics of Museo Mundial.

The flyer can be downloaded as a pdf file

More information under:

With the aid of the following very incomplete link collection you can concern yourself more intensely with the topics.


Light installation on tuna fishing in the southern Pacific

  • You will learn which fish are ecologically sound to eat in the WWF Seafood Guide:

  • The MSC Certificate helps you in selecting fish from sustainable fisheries:


Gender Justice

A game about rights and justice
  • UN Women Nationales Komitee Deutsch¬land e. V. supports the work of the women’s organization of the United Nations:


Modern Slavery

Touchscreen ¬instal¬la¬tion on items which can be produced under the conditions of modern slavery
  • Data and facts on modern slavery can be found in the Global Slavery Index. The Spie¬gel magazine made a video animation from the Index of 2014:

  • Check out in a playful fashion how many slaves are working for you! Moreover you can write directly to the companies of your choice to obtain clarification of their production standards (English).

Sklaverei heute

Background of the Textile Industry

Interactive wardrobe on the value-added chain of our cotton clothing
  • Tips for your own involvement and an overview of current discussions is provided by the Campaign for Clean Clothing


Land Grabbing

Audio points on an investment project in Mali, which failed in the end



Plants, pharmaceutical products, pirates – as “one-armed bandits”



International schoolbooks and a hidden object game with unfamiliar alphabets
  • The global education campaign is promoting the right to education for everyone. Stories and materials under


Trade Routes Then and Now

Touch, smell, look – enjoy important agricultural products in the past and today with all your senses


Migration Then and Now

Touch screen ¬instal¬la¬tion on significant migration movements in world history
  • The Internet pages of the Internal Displaced Monitoring Center provide an overview of the situation of internally displaced persons throughout the world: (Englisch)


Resources and Recycling

What archaeologists might find in 4,000 years– “Hoards” and Smartphone Bandolo
  • Repairing is better than recycling! Repair instructions and background information under

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